T7 Primo


Cold Water
Hot Water
Mix Water

The most popular Strauss-Water bar. Award winning design and superior convenience.

The T7 has a smart and innovative user interface with the additional

Dispense channels: Hot, Cold and Mix

Flow rate: 1.2 L/min

Heating power: 2000W

Preset hot, cold or mix cup volume for one touch dispense


  1.  folding cup tray
  2.  a unique patent for convenient filling of bottles jars and pots
  3.  ability to pour a liter of water at the touch of a button
  4.  a unique structure for easy mixing of bottles and pots
  5. allowing you to pre-set the water at your desired temperature levels
  6. super-fast heating and boiling speed.
  7. safety lock that prevents children from using the machine

The T7 has been launched in 2009 in Israel and has since been sold in hundreds of thousands of units.


Height: 37cm

Width: 36cm

Depth: 31cm