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Welcome to the website of Strauss Water Ltd. (hereinafter: “Strauss Water”). By using the website, including its contents and the services it offers, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (hereinafter: “Terms of Use”) and by additional terms and conditions appearing in your use of the website, including privacy policy (hereinafter jointly: the “Binding Documents”). Kindly read the Binding Documents carefully. Please note that the Binding Documents may change from time to time, and it is your responsibility to keep abreast of any changes that may have been made therein.

By using the website and the services and contents it contains, you agree to these Terms of Use. The Binding Documents apply to use of the website and the contents contained therein via any computer or other communication device (e.g. mobile phone, various PDAs, etc.). Additionally, they apply to use of the website, whether use is made by Internet or by any other network or means of communication.


Site Services

The site provides information and contents relating to Strauss Water’s operations and its products, as well as link to Contact Us. Use of the site is free of charge.


Use of the Site

Use of the contents contained in the site may be made in accordance with the following rules: You may use the site for non-commercial purposes only. You may not copy and use, or permit others to use, the site contents in any other manner, including in other websites, electronic publications, printed publications, etc., for any other purpose.

No computer applications or any other means, including crawlers, robots, etc. may be used, or use thereof permitted, to search, scan, copy or automatically retrieve contents from the site. This includes the creation or use of such means to create anthologies, collections or repositories containing contents from the site.

Contents from the site may not be displayed in any manner – including by means of any and all software, devices, accessories or communications protocols – that alters their design in the site or omits any of their content, particularly in advertisements and commercial contents.

No link may be created to the site from any site containing pornographic content, content inciting racism or inappropriate discrimination or that is contrary to law, or publication whereof is contrary to law, or which encourage unlawful activity.


Content Provided by Website Visitors

When using the site, please make sure that any content you submit is legal. Among other things and by way of example only, submitting the following contents is prohibited:

  • Any content known by you to be false, misleading or untrue.

  • Any content that prejudices or infringes on the proprietary rights of any party, including copyrights and trademarks.

  • Any pornographic content or content that is flagrantly sexual in nature.

  • Any content relating to minors and identifying them, their personal information or address and contact information.

  • Slogans, user names and other details enabling use of computer software, digital files, websites or services requiring registration or payment, without any such payment or registration being made.

  • Any content that is slanderous or invades a person’s privacy or is damaging to his good name.

  • Any content that is harassing, insulting, hostile, threatening or vulgar in nature or substance.

  • Any content that contains or incites to racism or inappropriate discrimination on the basis of race, origin, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, occupation, sexual orientation, illness, physical or mental handicap, faith, political opinion or socioeconomic status.

  • Any content that encourages the commission of a criminal offense or which is liable to serve as the basis for legal action or civil liability.

  • Any content that is liable to mislead a consumer.

  • Any content of an advertising or commercial nature that is not related to Strauss Water and/or its products.

  • Any content to which access is blocked by a password, etc., and which is not freely accessible to all Internet users.

Strauss Water may refuse to post or may immediately delete at any time any content submitted, if you have violated the Terms of Use or have committed an act or omission that is damaging, or is liable to be damaging, to the services provided in the site, to its users, to Strauss Water or to any party acting on its behalf. The provisions of this clause are in addition to Strauss Water’s rights by law.


Intellectual Property

All copyrights and intellectual property rights in the site, the services offered, and any content included therein belong exclusively to Strauss Water. You may not copy, modify, publish, distribute, display in public, execute in public, broadcast, transfer or make available to the public, process, create or make derivative creations, sell or lease any part of the foregoing, yourself or through or in collaboration with a third party, in any manner or by any means, whether electronic, computerized, mechanical, optic, photographic or recording, or in any other manner or by any other means, without Strauss’s consent, in advance and in writing.

Strauss Water’s trademarks and advertisements are the exclusive property of Strauss Water. No use may be made thereof without Strauss Water’s consent, in advance and in writing.

Strauss Water does not claim ownership of contents you submit through the site. However, when you submit content, in doing so you confirm that you own all rights to such content and that you are entitled to submit it to be posted. If you are not the creator or owner of the rights to the content you submit, you confirm that you have the rights owner’s lawful authorization, permitting you to submit the contents and grant rights of use in their respect as set forth above and below. Strauss Water shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused as a result of infringement of the rights of owners to rights in the contents. You are fully and exclusively liable for any display or posting of contents executed by you, and you covenant to indemnify Strauss in respect of any and all damage that may be caused as a result.



You are solely and fully responsible for your use of the website.

The site contents are available for use on an “as is” basis. You shall have no arguments, claims or demands against Strauss Water in respect of any features of the contents, their capabilities, limitations and suitability to your requirements.

Strauss Water does not represent or warrant that the services will operate at all times without disruption or interruption, will be regular, secure and error-free, and will be immune to unauthorized access to Strauss Water’s computers or to damage, breakdown, malfunction or failure – including hardware, software, communication lines and systems, at Strauss Water’s premises or at those of any of its suppliers.


Changes to the Site and Discontinuation of the Service

Strauss Water reserves the right to discontinue the supply of the services in the site at any and all times, and may modify the site structure from time to time, its appearance and design, the scope and availability of the services contained therein, and may modify any and all other aspects of the site, without being required to inform you thereof in advance.



This Agreement shall be governed exclusively by and construed solely in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel. The courts of Tel-Aviv shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising out of this Agreement.